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Turquoise Lace Bloomer_B.JPG

Turquoise Lace Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Purple Lace Bloomers_B.JPG

Purple Lace Bloomer

Price: $6.99

White Minky Dot Bloomer_B.JPG

White Minky Dot Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Green Camo Satin Bloomer_B.jpg

Green Camo Satin Bloomer

Price: $6.99

White Lace Bloomer_B.JPG

White Lace Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Floral Satin Bloomers_B.jpg

Floral Satin Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Bloomer Minnie Mouse_B.JPG

Minnie Mouse Satin Bloomer

Price: $6.99

White with Pink Bow Satin Bloomers_B.jpg

White w/ Pink Bow Satin Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Bloomer Cotton Brown-Pink_B.jpg

Brown & Pink Cotton Bloomer *

Price: $3.50

R-W-B Cotton Bloomer_B.jpg

Red, White, & Blue Cotton Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Wild Child with Brown Bow Satin Bloomer

Wild Child w/ Brown Bow Satin Bloomer *

Price: $6.99

Hot Pink Lace Bloomer_B.JPG

Hot Pink Lace Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Football Bloomers_B.jpg

Football Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Cream Lace Bloomer_B.JPG

Cream Lace Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Pink Lace Bloomer_B.JPG

Pink Lace Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Black Damask Bloomers_B.jpg

Black Damask Bloomers

Price: $6.99

Lace Bloomer Package_B.JPG

Lace Bloomer Pkg

Price: $19.99

Black Lace Bloomer_B.JPG

Black Lace Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Red Lace Bloomer_B.JPG

Red Lace Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Bloomer Zebra w-Hot Ruffle_B.jpg

Zebra w/ Hot Pink Bow & Trim Cotton Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Out of Stock
Pink Damask Tulle Bloomer_B.JPG

Pink Damask Tulle Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Red Minky Dot Bloomer_B.JPG

Red Minky Dot Bloomer

Price: $6.99

Out of Stock

Baby bloomers provide a cute way to cover your little girl's not-so-cute diapers.

Baby bloomers provide a cute way to cover your little girl's not-so-cute diapers. A ruffle diaper cover is both functional and fashionable, especially when you pair it with a simple baby top which allows the ruffle bloomers to shine as the focal point of her outfit. Paired with a tutu top or a onesie, these make great summer ensembles; and they're especially cute when you let the diaper cover peek out beneath her top or dress. Don't put the baby bloomers away come fall; just pair them with a long-sleeve onesie or sweater and put them over tights or leg warmers to keep her toasty warm.

Our ruffle buts diaper covers are super-comfy and made of high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Carefully crafted casings keep the elastic secure and away from your little girl's tender skin. The elastic is snug enough so that the diaper covers stay on while she crawls, toddles or runs around, but lose enough to be comfortable and not dig into her waist or thighs. The ruffle bottomed bloomers look great with any of our tops, including the tutu tops and swing tops. To finish off her look, be sure to put a crochet headband, perhaps with a coordinating flower clip, in her hair or for a more casual look, use one of our shabby chic headbands.