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Hot Pink Turquoise Reversible Tutu Corner_B.JPG

Hot Pink/Turquoise Reversible Tutu

Price: $5.49

Hot Pink Tutu_B.JPG

Hot Pink Tutu

Price: $4.49

Purple Tutu_B.JPG

Purple Tutu

Price: $4.49

Pink Tutu_B.JPG

Pink Tutu

Price: $4.49

Ivory Lace Tutu_B.JPG

Ivory Lace Tutu

Price: $5.49

Pink Lace Tutu_B.JPG

Pink Lace Tutu

Price: $5.49

Black Tutu_B.JPG

Black Tutu

Price: $3.50

Zebra Tutu_B.JPG

Zebra Tutu*

Price: $2.50

White Tutu_B.JPG

White Tutu

Price: $4.49

Brown Tutu_B.JPG

Brown Tutu *

Price: $4.49

Turquoise Tutu_B.JPG

Aqua / Turquoise Tutu

Price: $4.49

Lavender Tutu_B.JPG

Lavender Tutu

Price: $4.49

Orange Tutu_B.JPG

Orange Tutu

Price: $4.49

White with Purple Dots Tutu

White with Purple Dots Tutu*

Price: $2.99

Out of Stock
White with Black Dots Tutu

White with Black Dots Tutu*

Price: $2.99

White with Hot Pink Dots Tutu

White with Hot Pink Dots Tutu*

Price: $2.99

Hot Pink & Turquoise Reversible Tutu 4pc Package_B.JPG

Hot Pink & Turquoise Reversible Tutu 4pc Package

Price: $10.99

Hot Pink-White Tutu Dress 5pc Set_B.JPG

Hot Pink & White Tutu 5pc Package

Price: $9.99

Black-Pink Tutu Dress 5 pc Set_B.JPG

Black & Pink Tutu 5pc Package

Price: $9.99

Pink Lace Tutu 3pc Package_B.JPG

Pink Lace Tutu 3pc Package

Price: $10.99

Turquoise Tutu Dress_B.JPG

Turquoise Tutu Dress

Price: $12.99

Black-Hot Pink Tutu Dress_B.JPG

Black/Hot Pink Tutu Dress w/ removable flower

Price: $10.99 – $12.99

Purple Tutu Dress_B.JPG

Purple Tutu Dress w/ removable flower

Price: $12.99

Pink Tutu Dress_B.JPG

Pink Tutu Dress w/ removable flower

Price: $12.99

Black Tutu Dress_B.JPG

Black Tutu Dress w/ removable flower

Price: $10.99 – $12.99

Hot Pink-Turquoise Tutu Dress_B.JPG

Hot Pink/Turquoise Tutu Dress w/ removable flower

Price: $12.99

Pink-Purple Tutu Dress_B.JPG

Pink/Purple Tutu Dress

Price: $12.99

Lime Tutu Dress_B.JPG

Lime Tutu Dress

Price: $12.99

Hot Pink Tutu Dress_B.JPG

Hot Pink Tutu Dress w/ removable flower

Price: $12.99

Hot Pink and White Princess Tutu Dress_B.jpg

Hot Pink and White Princess Tutu Dress

Price: $16.99


Baby tutus and tutus for girls are all the rage these days and we're proud to offer you a huge selection of fluffy, ruffly tulle tutus at affordable prices.

Our tutus are made from multiple layers of tulle, which provide plenty of volume and make the skirts fun to dance and twirl in. Our solid colored tutus are perfect for pairing with a tutu top or use to create a tutu dress. We also have tutus with fun polka dots in a number of girly colors. Pair them with solid colored clothing, or channel your inner fashionista and pair them with stripes to create a runway inspired look. Besides being extremely inexpensive, our tutus grow with your daughter; she can wear them from infancy to early elementary school.

Since you won't have to be buying new sizes every other season, you can get one in every color so she has a tutu to match any outfit. No tutu-based outfit is complete without an adorable and soft crochet headband with a colorful coordinating flower hair clip atop. Round out the ballerina-look with a pair of soft crib shoes or a pair of the handmade barefoot sandals topped with cute shabby chic flowers. Our tutus also work great as the starting point of Halloween and other costumes; use your creativity to make a one-of-a-kind costume for your little princess, for less than you'd spend on a premade one.