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Pink Flower Clips

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Hot Pink & Zebra Two-Tone Gerber Daisy_B.jpg
Pink Pearl Flower Hair Clip_B.jpg
Gerber Hot  Pink.jpg
Black & Hot Pink Two-Tone Gerber Daisy_B.JPG
Gerber Pink.jpg
Crystal Hot Pink.jpg
Gerber Hot Pink-Lime.JPG
Hot Pink Diamond Pearl Flower Hair Clip_B.JPG
Becky Hot Pink.JPG
Crystal Pink.jpg
Pink Football Gerber.JPG
Gerber 3 Tone.JPG
Gerber Hot Pink-Turquoise.jpg
$1.75 2.35
Star Flower Dark Pink.jpg
Star Flower Pink.jpg
Buckeyes Gerber_550.JPG
Nicolette Pink.JPG
Pink Champagne Nikki Pearl Flower Hair Clip_B.jpg
Nikki White-Pink.JPG

You can never have too many pink hair accessories, and we've got no shortage of them.

Our pink flower hair clips for babies are perfect for wee ones who don't have the full head of hair that's required for barrettes and clips. But they're not just for the babies, big sisters love them too! Our pink hair flowers clips are soft and stretchy and don't leave marks or cause that pinching feeling behind your ears that old-school styles did to you back in the day.  

Whether you have an mop of unruly hair that needs tamed or you're just looking for a few new pink accessories, we specialize in baby flower headbands that work for girls of all ages. With a spectrum of pink color choices, you're sure to find a handful of baby hair accessories that you can mix and match with a few of our crochet baby girl headbands to create a "new" headband for every day of the month.

Our baby headbands with flowers look great when paired with the baby tops, and to create an especially stunning combo, use a headband that's the same color as the romper, with a flower clip in a contrasting color. We even offer popular sports team color combos so your team's youngest fan can cheer them on appropriately!  Discover all of our flower clips here.

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