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Witch Costume_550.jpg
$11.99 14.99
Cowgirl Costume_550.jpg
$9.99 12.99
Pink Princess_550.jpg
$10.99 13.99
White Princess Costume_550.jpg
$10.99 13.99
Minion Costume_550.JPG
Spiderweb Leg Warmers_550.JPG
$1.49 2.99
Black Orange Organza Ruffle Leg Warmer_550.JPG
$2.19 3.49
Black and Orange Accessory Set_B.JPG
$13.99 16.69
Candy Corn Cotton Ruffle Leg Warmer_B.JPG
$1.99 3.49
Pink-Purple Tinker Fairy Costume_B.JPG
Purple Tinker Outfit_B.JPG
Orange and Black Shabby Chic Headband_B.jpg
$0.89 1.99
Purple Foam Crown_550.JPG
Halloween Gerber.JPG
$0.99 2.98
Orange-Black Chevron Cotton Leg Warmers_B.JPG
Black Tutu Top Medium_B.JPG
$0.79 0.99
Lime Belle_550.JPG
Neon Orange Belle_550.JPG
Black Noel_550.JPG
Orange Noel_550.JPG
Out of Stock
$1.79 Out of Stock
Gerber Orange.jpg
Pumpkin Resin_B.jpg
$0.19 0.39
Bat Resin_B.JPG
$0.19 0.39
Ghost Resin_B.jpg
$0.19 0.39
Crystal Orange.jpg
Star Flower Orange.jpg
$1.50 1.90
Orange Butterfly Jaw Clip_550.JPG
Black Sleeveless Dress_B.JPG
$5.99 15.99
Crystal Purple.jpg
Star Flower Purple.jpg
Purple Bow Jaw Clip_550.JPG
Black Tutu Dress_B.JPG
$7.79 12.99

Make your little fashionista shine during Halloween in one of our Costumes

From tiny tutu tops for the littlest of the little girls to leggy baby leg warmers, we've got tops and bottoms that will make your Halloween pictures ones worth keeping on the wall for years to come.

Encourage your daughter to celebrate Halloween in her most festive attire. She'll love the attention she gets when she wears her brightly colored top with baby bloomers, shorts, baby leg warmers, leggings, jeans or--what else--a tutu!

Be sure to check out our headbandsflower clips and hair bows for girls, so that her hair accessories can match her holiday top and/or bottom.

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