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Kufi Hats

Size Guide
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Kufi White.jpg

White Kufi Hat

Price: $1.95

Kufi Hat Pink.jpg

Pink Kufi Hat

Price: $2.79

Kufi Black.jpg

Black Kufi Hat

Price: $2.79

Kufi Bubblegum.jpg

Hot Pink / Bubblegum Kufi Hat

Price: $2.79

Kufi Hat Turquoise.jpg

Turquoise Kufi Hat

Price: $2.79

Kufi Hat Chocolate.jpg

Chocolate Kufi Hat

Price: $2.79

Kufi Deep Brown.JPG

Deep Brown Kufi Hat*

Price: $2.79

Kufi Brown.JPG

Brown Kufi Hat

Price: $2.79

Kufi Hat Kiwi.jpg

Kiwi Kufi Hat *

Price: $1.75

Hair Accessory Essentials Boutique Sample Package_B.jpg

Hair Accessory Essentials Boutique Sample Pkg

Price: $10.99


Top off your baby's outfit with one of our lovely kufi hats that come in a variety of styles and colors.

Kufi hats can be worn all year long; in summer the cool cotton-nylon blend yarn allows your baby's skin to breathe while protecting her head from the sun, and in winter the hat snuggles close to her head, allowing it to stay warm as you shuttle her to and fro.

Cute baby hats look absolutely adorable. As a finishing touch, attach a vividly colored flower clip to the Kufi hat (and get ready for the compliments to roll in)! Then keep her legs warm with a fun pair of baby leg warmers and round out the look with a fluffy tulle tutu.

Baby Kufi hats come in more than a dozen colors, from bright bolds and soft pastels to go-with-everything neutrals. There's practically one to match any outfit in your baby's wardrobe, and at such affordable prices, you won't feel a bit guilty about buying a few to suit that very purpose. Best of all, they're a bit stretchy and conform to her head, so you won't have to be buying a new hat with every single growth spurt that she has.