Crochet Headband Starter Set 1.5"  (12 Headbands)

Crochet Headband Starter Set 1.5" (12 Headbands)


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Try Headbands For Newborn Girls With This Introductory Pack

Consider our Crochet Headband Beginner 12-Pack your introduction to the wonderful world of crochet headbands. Add an instant burst of trendy flair to any outfit with this incredibly priced package. While you're at it, be sure to pick a few of your favorite flower hair clips or girls hair bows -- they're the perfect adornment for our stretchy, snuggly crochet headbands. Set of 12 Headbands. 1 of each of the following colors: Pink, Olive, Hot Pink, Chocolate, Ivory, Turquoise, White, Red, Yellow, Purple, Black and Lilac. Crochet Headbands are made from elastic and ribbon, making them very stretchy! They will fit newborns and adults....Mom and Baby can share!!!! Our flowers and bows can be attached through the natural openings on the crochet headbands. Our flowers/bows have an alligator clip attached to the back. The alligator clip allows you to attach them to our headbands and hats.

***Color Assortment May Change Without Notice***

Size Info

We carry 3 different sizes in the crochet headbands and they fit all ages!

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