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Baby Pink Lace Romper_B.JPG

Baby Pink Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Ivory Lace Romper_B.JPG

Ivory Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Pink-White-Grey Chevron Bubble Knicker Romper_B.JPG

Pink/White/Grey Chevron Bubble Knicker Romper

Price: $7.99

Mint Lace Romper_B.JPG

Mint Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Zebra Bubble Knicker Romper_B.JPG

Zebra Bubble Knicker Romper

Price: $7.99

Floral Satin Romper_B.JPG

Floral Satin Romper

Price: $9.99

Black Lace Romper_B.JPG

Black Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Hot Pink Damask Bubble Knicker Romper_B.jpg

Hot Pink Damask Bubble Knicker Romper

Price: $7.99

Floral Bubble Knicker Romper_B.jpg

Floral Bubble Knicker Romper

Price: $7.99

Bright Chevron Lace_Satin Romper Set_B.jpg

Bright Chevron Lace/Satin Romper Set

Price: $11.99

Yellow Lace Romper_B.JPG

Yellow Lace Romper *

Price: $8.99

Red Lace Romper_B.JPG

Red Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Carolina Blue Lace Romper_B.JPG

Carolina Blue Lace Romper*

Price: $6.99

Green Lace Romper_B.JPG

Green Lace Romper*

Price: $8.99

Minnie Mouse Satin Romper_B.JPG

Minnie Mouse Satin Romper

Price: $9.99

Deep Purple Lace Romper_B.JPG

Deep Purple Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Giraffe-Turquoise-Lime Lace-Satin Romper_B.jpg

Giraffe/Turquoise/Lime Lace/Satin Romper

Price: $9.99

Deep Pink-Leopard Lace-Satin Romper Set_B.jpg

Deep Pink/Leopard Lace/Satin Romper Set

Price: $11.99

Turquoise Quarterfoil Bubble Knicker Romper_B.JPG

Turquoise Quarterfoil Bubble Knicker Romper

Price: $4.50

White Lace Romper_B.JPG

White Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Dusty Rose Lace Romper_B.JPG

Dusty Rose Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Turquoise Lace Romper_B.JPG

Turquoise Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Grey Lace Romper_B.JPG

Grey Lace Romper *

Price: $8.99

Hot Pink Lace Romper_B.JPG

Hot Pink Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Royal Lace Romper_B.JPG

Royal Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Deep Pink Lace Romper_B.JPG

Deep Pink Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Oatmeal Lace Romper_B.JPG

Oatmeal Lace Romper *

Price: $7.99

Lavender Lace Romper_B.JPG

Lavender Lace Romper

Price: $8.99

Navy Lace Romper_B.JPG

Navy Lace Romper *

Price: $7.99

Magenta Lace Romper_B.JPG

Magenta Lace Romper*

Price: $8.99

Coffee Brown Lace Romper_B.JPG

Coffee Brown Lace Romper *

Price: $6.99

Tangerine Orange Lace Romper_B.JPG

Tangerine Orange Lace Romper*

Price: $8.99

Burgundy Lace Romper_B.JPG

Burgundy Lace Romper*

Price: $6.99

Romper Magenta Promo.jpg

Romper Magenta 3 pc Set

Price: $9.99

Turquoise Chevron Satin-Lace Dress_B.jpg

Turquoise Chevron Satin/Lace Dress

Price: $8.99

Black Damask Satin Lace Dress_B.jpg

Black Damask Satin/Lace Dress

Price: $8.99

Grey Chevron Satin-Lace Dress_B.jpg

Grey Chevron Satin/Lace Dress

Price: $8.99

Red and Green Lace Dress_B.JPG

Red and Green Lace Dress

Price: $4.99

Imperfect Romper.jpg

Imperfect Romper

Price: $3.99

Broncos Romper 4 pc Set_B.JPG

Broncos Romper 4 pc Set

Price: $10.99

Magenta Lace Romper w-Sash_B.JPG

Magenta Lace Romper w/Sash

Price: $10.99

White Lace Romper w-Sash_B.JPG

White Lace Romper w/Sash

Price: $10.99


Your little darling will look like a million bucks in one of our Lace Rompers.

Whether she's going to a party, attending a special event or just playing dress up around the house with her sibs, you'll want to grab your camera and capture her look each and every time she's wearing one of these sweet baby rompers. Each petti romper is carefully made with yards of beautiful lace or satin fabric to create layer upon layer of ruffles; clothing features sure to delight any little girl.

Coming in several color options, including multi-colored ones, you'll find that there are endless possibilities as to how these petti rompers can be worn. They dress up, or down, almost effortlessly so she can wear them seven-days a week, if the mood suits her (and you find an opportunity for it to make it through the wash). In warm weather, dress your daughter in it, and round out the look with some barefoot baby sandals and one of the baby flower headbands that we stock. 

Transition the lace romper to fall by pairing it with a long-sleeve top, baby leg warmers and one of our matching crochet headbands. Some creative customers have even used baby rompers as the starting point of a Halloween costume, by adding accessories to transform their little princess into the characters they dream of being.