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Tutu Tops

Size Guide
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Lavender-Pink Two Tone Fuzzy Tutu Top_B.JPG

Lavender & Pink Two Tone Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $2.09 – $2.39

Turquoise-White Two Tone Fuzzy Tutu Top_B.JPG

Turquoise & White Two Tone Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $2.09 – $2.39

White-Hot Pink Two Tone Fuzzy Tutu Top_B.JPG

White & Hot Pink Two Tone Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $2.09 – $2.39

Yellow Fuzzy Tutu Top_B.JPG

Yellow Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $1.49 – $2.29

Black Fuzzy Tutu Top Large_B.jpg

Black Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $1.49 – $1.79

Hot Pink Fuzzy Tutu Top Large_B.jpg

Hot Pink Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $1.49 – $1.79

Lime Fuzzy Tutu Top Large_B.JPG

Lime Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $1.49 – $1.79

Orange Fuzzy Tutu Top Large_B.JPG

Orange Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $1.49 – $1.79

Pink Fuzzy Tutu Top Large_B.jpg

Pink Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $1.49 – $1.79

Purple Fuzzy Tutu Top Large_B.JPG

Purple Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $1.49 – $1.79

Turquoise Fuzzy Tutu Top Large_B.JPG

Turquoise Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $1.49 – $1.79

White Fuzzy Tutu Top Large_B.jpg

White Fuzzy Tutu Top

Price: $1.49 – $1.79

Beauty Pink Tutu Top Medum_B.jpg

Beauty Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.69

Black Tutu Top Medium_B.JPG

Black Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.79 – $1.69

Ivory Tutu Top Medium_B.JPG

Ivory Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.69

Lime Tutu Top Medium_B.JPG

Lime Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.19

Navy Tutu Top Medium_B.jpg

Navy Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.69

Orange Tutu Top Medium_B.JPG

Orange Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.19

Pink Tutu Top Medium_B.JPG

Pink Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.69

Purple Tutu Top Medium_B.jpg

Purple Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.69

Red Tutu Top Medium_B.JPG

Red Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.69

Royal Tutu Top Medium_B.jpg

Royal Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.69

Turquoise Tutu Top Large_B.JPG

Turquoise Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.69

White Tutu Top Medium_B.JPG

White Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.69

Bright Rainbow Crochet Tutu Top_B.JPG

Bright Rainbow Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.19

Pink Rainbow Crochet Tutu Top_B.JPG

Pink Rainbow Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.19

Pastel Rainbow Crochet Tutu Top_B.JPG

Pastel Rainbow Crochet Tutu Top

Price: $0.99 – $1.19


Perfect for hot summers, the Crochet Tops for Tutus are loosely crafted and allow your little girl's skin to breathe easily.

What a better top for her tiny tutu than a comfy, stretchy crochet tube top that comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Since they stretch easily, toddlers will be able to show their independence by putting it on themselves. And at such low prices, you'll be able to outfit her in a rainbow of tutu tops to match every single one of her tutus!

In addition to wearing crocheted tutu tops with frilly tutus, try adding a length of soft ribbon or fabric to create a halter-style top. If you're handy with a sewing machine, you could use one of these simple baby girl tops as the starting point of a dress or a costume for Halloween, a school play or just for dressing up at home. In cooler months, let your little princess wear her tutu top and tutu over a long-sleeved shirt and baby legwarmers. Wear all one color for a chic monochromatic look, or let the little diva mix and match the colors to her liking. Don't forget to top off her look with a crochet headband or flower clip for a unique look that gets everyone's attention.