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Great selection of Tulle Crafting Supplies, Flowers and Resins for your Baby Hair Accessories and Wholesale Flower Headbands.

Some crafty people, especially moms and grandmas, would often rather make their own tutusheadbands and flower clips rather than buy them already made. At GCH understand that. Now we are happy to be able to offer you crafting supplies that you need to create dozens of items--at a fraction of what you'd find them at a pricey brick-and-mortar boutique--in the comfort of your home. Even better, you can personalize it and make it just as unique as the little girl who'll wear it!

Whether you're whipping up some DIY hair bows to give out as party favors at your daughter's birthday party or are creating custom baby hair bows for family and friends we have a wide selection of hair hardware, tulle bows and ribbon for hair bows so that you're never more than a few clicks away from getting more. Our tulle flowers are the perfect base for a hair clip and, with a small colorful resin character or rhinestone, makes an adorable gift for the special gals in your life. The ribbon and tulle comes in a rainbow of colors and can be transformed in to beautiful hair accessories for girls.

GCH also offer basic supplies like glue sticks, beading wire and black or white card stock on which to place your completed hair clips to give or sell at craft shows and bazaars.
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