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Shop Wholesale Baby Hair Accessories Supplies and Rhinestones For Flowers.

What's better than buying one girly headband for your daughter? Buying half a dozen or more! With our packages, you can get an assortment of crochet headbands, flower clips, hats, bloomers and more at one low price!

If you've got a brand new baby girl, then our rhinestones are just for you. If you've taken her out even once, you've surely been asked the inevitable, "Oh, how cute! A boy or a girl?" With a whole set of flower clips and headbands at your disposal, you can be confident the whole world knows you're the mommy of a sweet baby girl!

Photographers love our rhinestones because they can use the items for the photo shoots that they do--from newborn pictures to family portraits, our high-quality items make great props for photographers to use. And since our packages are so affordable, some photographers include the outfit they dress the baby in as part of their package. It's an inexpensive way to stand out among your competition and all the little girls you photograph will feel special when they get to take home a new headband.

Whether you're in the market for snuggly crochet headbandssweetly shimmering rosesblooming flower clips or our trendy lace rompers, GCH has everything you want and more.

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